CASON Cathodic protection and control system

Hanjalka Csabai at September 07, 2021

Where can it be used? – Objects which can be protected

  •  buried pipelines (oil, gas, water etc.)
  •  storage tanks
  •  plant areas – refineries
  •  underground metal installations
  •  offshore structures
  •  gas and oil wells
  •  reinforced concrete structures

The most important measuring devices in a cathodic protection system is the Inteligent Minimum Point Communication Unit.

After 15 years, a new generation replaces the previous one. A brand new look with many new innovative solutions. Much smaller size, much longer battery life, low power consumption components and a new modem.

This is coupled with a redesigned CMP (Catode Management Platform) state-of-the-art software environment. A winning pair!