DBH SeedStar’s success at EHV Summit

DBH Seedstar at October 27, 2015

Dutch-Hungarian DBH SeedStar presented an opportunity for startups to introduce themselves at the EHV Summit, on October 22nd. The chosen startups had the chance to get acquainted with international accelerators, investors and mentors, furthermore they got own booth and pitch opportunity.

DBH Group’s CEO, Dr. Sándor Erdei, gave a speech at the plenary session outlining how he built up his own startup from a one person company to an international group, which has a unique, cross-country, business model.
Attendees also gained an insight into DBH SeedStar’s Dutch Acceleration Program.
International speakers provided for a wide variety of topics, such as crowdfunding, company formation and accounting advice, tips for market entry and presented numerous successful international case studies.

DBH SeedStar delegated the following startups for focus: Beachegg, BigO, EDMdesigner.com, Flying Objects, Hand-in-Scan, MosaicLights and Rabbit. These teams were able to become familiar with Brainport’s mentor program and furthermore they were able to pitch to investors and participate in organized client meetings.

Dániel Kocsis, marketing executive and co-founder of Bigo told, that they had already met with several companies who shared a similar profile, but the kind of enthusiastic professionalism that the members of DBH Group had shown opened up new horizons for them: “We always felt that they were counting on us, not just as an attraction or an exciting startup for an exhibition, but that they have real knowledge and contacts. They were determined to expedite the process which would lead to venture capital investment. With their support we met several interesting and influential people and get acquainted with their relevant experiences, which are great funds for the further construction and achieving our dreams. It is no less than establishing a global urban brand.”

Zoltán Kiss, general manager of Mosaic Lights was also satisfied with DBH SeedStar: “It was good to see the vocation, the professional attitude, the competency and, last but not least, I was glad to be part of the targeted meetings.”

With the help of Wezzpage a specific webpage was created for this DBH SeedStar event and attendees could get more information about the exhibitors at: SeedStar EHV.

The closing session of EHV Summit saw the Hungarian startups participating in a dinner at which they were able to build up their network with international experts and investors. If your startup interested in the DBH SeedStar Acceleration Program within the Netherlands, then please send your one-page introduction to seedstar@dbh-group.com.

Why is it a great chance for startups to visit Eindhoven?

Eindhoven is the motherland of Philips, whose presence is probably the largest single contributing factor to the major growth of Eindhoven over the course of the 20th century. It has attracted and spun off many hi-tech companies, making Eindhoven a major technology and industrial hub.
Alongside that there is the Brainport region, which is also called “The Smartest Place on Earth”*, because more than 130 thousand innovative technological companies work within the „Dutch Silicon Valley”. Their main focus areas are as follows: High Tech Systems & Materials, Food, Automotive, as well as Lifetec and Design. Furthermore 8 per cent of the Dutch GDP is invested in this region for research & development, over and above that Brainport generates 37 per cent of all patents registered in the Netherlands each year, which is the third largest number of registered patents in Europe. The investment climate in Eindhoven is the best in Europe after London and Helsinki. In the overall ranking of its Foreign Direct Investment Index (FDI index), the Financial Times ranks Eindhoven in third place.
On the top of this, the following technological companies are based in Eindhoven: Philips, ASML, TNO, Draka, FEI, Fluke, and TomTom. Furthermore here is Strijp S, which is the creative and cultural center of Eindhoven.

DBH SeedStar provides numerous opportunities in this specialized environment for Hungarian startups so they too can participate in our incubation and acceleration program with tailor-made mentoring and business advice.

* Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) 2011
** Financial Times Direct Investment Index