A family house in Buda equipped with heating glass control by Cason Mérnöki Zrt. won the House of the Year 2022 award

Klaudia Gáspár at December 01, 2022

The development of glass technology has enabled the creation of aesthetic and comfortable living spaces, as well as the use of large glass structures with a surface area of several square meters.

The heating glass, developed jointly by Rákosy-Glass and Cason Engineering, and the associated control system are an innovative, temperature-controlled, environmentally friendly and exclusive heating glass solution that the two companies have launched together under the name HELIO HEATING.

The heating layer is an invisible metal conductive surface applied with nano technology, the resistance of which coating generates heat on the glass surface under the influence of electric current. In addition to heating, HELIO HEATING glass can be used to increase comfort, dehumidify and, when installed as a glass roof, to defrost snow.

Photo: Balázs Danyi

One of these 500 m2 family houses in Buda, built with HELIO HEATING heating glass, won the House of the Year 2022 award at the BIGSEE ARCHITECTURE AWARD 2022https://bigsee.eu/a15-villa-budapest/


The building was designed by Katalin Fazekas and Árpád Vilics in the Kettőpera Studio on an area of 2,900 m2. The interior spaces of the designed spatial structure ensure conservative comfort and familiarity formed with refined taste. Through the heated glass, residents and their guests can enjoy a unique panorama of the Elizabeth Lookout and the surrounding Buda hills in Budapest.

Photo: Balázs Danyi