Cason Ltd. on the 47th International Gas Conference and Exhibition

Ürge László at December 07, 2015

The International Gas Conference – took place on November 10-11th this year – has been a great success for decades among the participants of the Hungarian natural gas industry. Cason Ltd, investment of DBH Group, was one of the speakers and exhibitors on the conference.

Through the presentations of the key players of the gas industry, this annual event provided an excellent opportunity for the participants to have professional discussions, learn about the new trends and the latest infrastructure projects, and jointly analyze ongoing changes.

On the conference, which was combined with an exhibition, Cason Ltd, investment of DBH Group, was one of the outstanding speakers and exhibitors. Zoltán Jászberényi, CEO gave a lecture about the new and modern solutions of the company, as well as the challenges and changes of remote data collection.

CASON Engineering Plc has been a significant participant of both the domestic and the international natural gas market since 1999. Thanks to their innovative development and production capabilities, they provide the latest telecommunications measurement remote data collection equipment and complex systems to the participants of the international energy sector.

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