Advantages of serviced offices in a remote-friendly era

Bálint Erényi at August 01, 2023

The way we change the way we work

The way we work is evolving rapidly, with remote and flexible work becoming increasingly prevalent. As more professionals seek the freedom to work from anywhere and choose their own schedules, businesses are recognizing the need to adapt to these changing dynamics.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of serviced offices for remote and flexible work and why they have become the ideal solution for professionals and businesses alike.

A professional setting with no hassle

Working remotely can often mean sacrificing a dedicated workspace and settling for make-shift arrangements at home or crowded coffee shops.

Serviced offices provide a solution to this challenge by offering fully equipped, professional workspaces that are tailored to meet the needs of remote workers. These offices are designed to enhance productivity and professionalism, providing an environment conducive to focused work.

Flexible leasing options

One of the key advantages of serviced offices is the flexibility they offer.

Unlike traditional office spaces that require long-term leases, serviced offices provide short-term and flexible leasing options. This means remote workers can rent an office for a few days, weeks, or months, based on their specific requirements.

Such flexibility allows professionals to adapt their workspace to the changing demands of their work and personal lives.

Access to premium amenities

Serviced offices are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities that support remote work.

From high-speed internet and video conferencing facilities to comfortable furniture and dedicated meeting rooms, these offices provide everything needed for a productive work environment. Professionals can focus on their work without worrying about the logistical challenges often associated with remote work.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

Working remotely can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation.

 Serviced offices offer an opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals. These spaces foster a sense of community through networking events, workshops, and shared common areas.

Being part of a vibrant community not only encourages collaboration but also provides opportunities for professional growth and learning.

Increased cost-effectiveness

Setting up a traditional office can be an expensive endeavor, especially for remote workers or startups operating on tight budgets.

Serviced offices eliminate the need for large upfront investments in office infrastructure and equipment. By opting for a serviced office, remote workers can access a fully furnished workspace without the associated costs of long-term leases, utility bills, or maintenance fees.

A survey published be IWG has shown that 65% of businesses said that flexible workspaces reduce CapEX/OpEx and help manage risk and consolidate their portfolio.

The rise of remote and flexible work has created a demand for workspaces that cater to these evolving needs. Serviced offices have emerged as the perfect solution, offering a professional environment, flexible leasing options, premium amenities, networking opportunities, and cost-effectiveness.

By embracing serviced offices, remote workers and businesses can maximize productivity. And a report conducted by Dansk HR found that 68% of firms that changed to flexible working had increased revenue generated by staff.

Embrace the future of work and unlock the full potential of remote and flexible work with serviced offices.