Shared Services Industry European Market Report 2024 – SSON Overview

Bálint Erényi at March 19, 2024

The landscape of shared services in Europe is undergoing a significant transformation. SSON’s recent report sheds light on trends reshaping the industry, revealing a journey towards digital transformation, cost optimization, and the strategic integration of generative AI technologies.

Here’s an overview of some of the most important takeaways, along with insights into the advantages and innovations that businesses can anticipate when transitioning to a flexible office environment.


The heart of Europe beats strong with innovation and growth, with cities like Warsaw, Budapest, and Madrid emerging as the top three destinations for delivery centers, but Madrid, Dublin and Krakow are also on the list.

Central Europe has long been recognized for its strategic importance in the business world, providing an optimal balance between cost-efficiency and access to skilled talent. For businesses considering joining a serviced office, the region offers many advantages. Firstly, its central location provides excellent connectivity to major European markets, allowing companies to operate seamlessly across borders. Additionally, the area is known for its high-quality infrastructure and business-friendly environment, making it an attractive place for startups and established companies as well.

Strategic priorities

In the landscape of shared services, cost and efficiency remain paramount, with an impressive 91% of European leaders emphasizing these elements as their primary objectives when it comes to office selection. It’s no surprise, considering the inherent benefits of serviced offices.

An overview of some of the most important takeaways of the SSON 2024 shared services industry European market report

Flex office solutions are ideal for businesses aiming to navigate the complexities of today’s market dynamics. By providing a mix of flexible leasing terms, fully equipped workspaces, and access to cutting-edge technology, shared offices are a great option. They offer a seamless solution to the pressing need for cost control and efficiency improvements, acting as strategic partners that facilitate innovation and excellence.

Moreover, service excellence is the second on the list and it refers to the high standard of service delivery that exceeds customer expectations, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. Serviced offices provide this through their comprehensive support services and amenities, ensuring businesses can focus on core activities while enjoying a seamless operational experience.

Development to offer better solutions

Serviced offices are pivoting to embrace and offer cutting-edge solutions, with 2024 being the ideal time for the integration of generative AI into their service offerings. AI-driven solutions are set to enhance efficiency and provide deeper insights for clients, showcasing serviced offices’ commitment to innovation and excellence. By adopting these technologies, serviced offices are not just responding to the evolving demands of the modern business landscape but are also setting new standards in service delivery and operational effectiveness.

Talent management

When it comes to talent, the modern shared office environment is at the forefront of adapting to the needs of the workforce, particularly in attracting and managing Gen Z. With a growing emphasis on human-centric employee value propositions, shared offices are increasingly providing employees with greater control over their work and environment, recognizing the critical role of flexibility and remote work capabilities.

The focus on upskilling reflects a commitment to not only enhance staff competencies but also to cultivate a vibrant company culture that resonates with employees’ values and aspirations. For businesses considering joining a flex office, this approach to talent management offers a compelling advantage, ensuring access to a motivated, skilled, and satisfied workforce ready to drive innovation and growth.

Given the promising outlook for European shared services, now is the perfect time for modern businesses to adopt a flex office solution model, setting themselves up as drivers of growth and change in a rapidly changing market landscape.

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