Location, Location, Location: Unlocking Success with the Right Serviced Office

Bálint Erényi at June 28, 2023

As the world gets smaller and smaller, and more and more people tend to travel further and further, the location of the workplace becomes one of the most crucial aspects of choosing a new job.

So one could easily say, that selecting the right serviced office with the right location is a critical decision for businesses of all sizes.

In this article, we will explore why the location of a serviced office is a key consideration.

Trusting what’s close to us

When choosing a serviced office, proximity to the target audience is paramount. 

A JLL paper found, that after COVID, commuting has become a major issue for a lot of employees. The most frequently cited perk of working from home is not having to commute, and it’s also one of the things that worries people the most about returning to work, especially in places where public transportation is heavily relied upon.

So keeping this in mind, it would be wise to try and shoot for an office location which could minimize the spent time commuting for most of our employees.

Do I see myself making this route every day?

Access to a skilled and diverse talent pool is vital for business growth. 

Opting for a serviced office in an attractive location to potential employees can give your company a competitive advantage. 

Ceridian partnered with Hanover Research to conduct a quantitative online survey of 1,678 U.S. and Canadian workers and found that job location is the most influential factor when accepting a job offer

By strategically locating your office in an area with a vibrant talent ecosystem, you increase your chances of attracting top talent.

Being in the thick of it

The location of your serviced office can play a pivotal role in fostering valuable networking and collaboration opportunities. 

Being close to other businesses, industry events, and networking communities allows for serendipitous encounters and knowledge sharing. 

Thus, selecting a serviced office in a location that encourages interaction can contribute to the growth and success of a business.

Where the cool kids hang

The location of an office can significantly impact your brand perception and reputation.

Choosing an area that aligns with your company’s values, industry presence, or desired image can positively influence how clients and stakeholders perceive your business. 

Selecting a serviced office in a prestigious or established business district can enhance your brand’s credibility and make a lasting impression.

Everything at arm’s length

The surrounding infrastructure and amenities are vital considerations when selecting a serviced office. 

Access to transportation links, parking facilities, restaurants, cafes, and other amenities can significantly enhance the convenience and productivity of your team. 

A well-connected and amenity-rich location can contribute to employee satisfaction and overall productivity.

When it comes to selecting a serviced office, choosing the right location is crucial for a business’s success. The location impacts brand image, credibility, access to talent, networking opportunities, and overall convenience. 

By considering these factors and selecting a location that aligns with your business goals, you can create a strong foundation for growth and prosperity.

Remember, the perfect serviced office goes beyond the physical space—it encompasses the entire ecosystem in which your business operates. So, choose wisely and leverage the power of location to propel your business to new heights.

Image source: budapart.hu

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