Smart Specialisation Strategy

Klaudia Gáspár at September 13, 2022

The European Commission has just approved the European S3 Partnership Food Packaging Platform. Omnipack (officially represented by DBH InnoHub Ltd.) is among the members of the consortium, together with French, Belgian, Swedish, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Italian, Spanish and Polish clusters. The partnership is led by Belgian Pack4Food Cluster.   

The 22 clusters are joining their forces to accelerate the transition towards sustainable food packaging and to support EU countries and regions in the development and implementation of their Research and Innovations Strategies for Smart Specialisation. The proposal was submitted in June 2021. 

The European Commission introduced the S3 concept in the EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 as an ‘ex-ante conditionality’ for European regions to obtain funding for research and innovation from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) is a place-based innovation policy concept to support regional prioritisation in innovative sectors, fields or’, a bottom-up approach to reveal what a region does best in terms of its scientific and technological endowments. The smart specialisation (S3) approach offers a reinforced environment for increasing the interaction and cooperation among the different innovation ecosystem stakeholders, both at local, regional, national and international levels. 

Omnipack was invited into the initiative since we have proven track records in sustainable food packaging, and we are a visible cluster on European level. Members of the partnership will cooperate strongly in European innovation calls; we intend to become a reputable player of innovation ecosystem.