Sándor Varga-Tarr – New Marketing Director of DBH Group

DBH Group at September 15, 2015

DBH Group will continue it’s marketing and communications operations with Sándor Varga-Tarr as Marketing Director.

Sándor Varga-Tarr is leading Dutch-Hungarian DBH Group’s marketing and communications in 5 European countries. As head of the marketing team he is responsible for B2B marketing strategy for the group’s business units in the fields of Investment (venture capital investment and start-up incubation and acceleration), Business Services (finance, IT, project management) and Real Estate.

He has worked at PR and advertising agencies as PR consultant, at an NGO as Communications Director, and at the Superbrands winning Protexin® as Marketing Director. In 2013 he won the Imre Sandor PR Awards from the Hungarian Public Relations Association and in 2012 was shortlisted in CSR-category at the Creative Prism PR Award, Hungary’s most important PR competition. In 2011 he won the Healthcare Communication Campaign of the Year Special Award and in 2012 he won the same competition.

He is giving presentations and lectures at Corvinus University, ELTE, Óbuda University and at the startup incubation programmes in Hungary and abroad.

Sándor Varga-Tarr is an inbound marketing professional with knowledge of marketing automation (software and tactics) and with strong background of PR and online marketing (AdWords, SEO, Analytics, Display). As a Nurture Specialist he helps to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers and as a result increase revenue and profitability. As an intrapreneur he is a startup evangelist who help startups to find international mentoring, business development and seed funding opportunities. He gives support to entrepreneurs in marketing and traction strategy planning, to develop an understanding of how to develop winning investor pitches, who and when to pitch, how to avoid common mistakes that limit the effectiveness of the pitch, to learn the basics of finance, valuations, understand capital structure for new ventures, term sheets and how to negotiate them, early-stage and later-stage financing, and what do VC’s look for in a startup.