We are proud to announce that Norma has received the Environmental Innovation Prize 2018 for its Icon hematology product family.

szilvia.varga at March 29, 2019

The Environmental Innovation Prize and other six innovation awards including the Innovation Grand Prize are given to those Hungarian based companies who achieved significant business benefits through outstanding technical and economical innovation performance in the year preceding the award ceremony.

László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology, has emphasized in his speech at the award ceremony, the importance of finding and launching R&D and innovation activities, the key drivers of sustainable growth. A total of 43 applications were submitted for the tender invitation in 2018, and the jury rated 40 applications as a successful, completed or effective innovation.

Norma icon5 Hematology Analyzer- Normadiagnostika.com

Hematology diagnostic systems produced by Norma are breakthrough innovations at the areas of medical technology. Currently, Norma Icon products are the smallest hematology analyzers with the smallest reagent consumption – that significantly reduces environmental impact- and are able to process diagnosis from the smallest sample volume, from 1 drop of blood (2,4 µL). Norma Icon enables immediate decision making in serious medical conditions that helps result in a better patient outcome.

DBH Group invested in Norma Instruments in 2013. Since then Norma has filed 6 patents and received 5 national and international recognition.

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