Interreg-Central Europe BioCompack-CE project

krisztina.nagy at November 23, 2017

Our today’s new post we will show one of our actual projects at the DBH InnoHub. We will describe its basics, highlighting the main strategic directions, action plans and the role of DBH.

The DBH InnoHub Ltd (as the official management organisation for Omnipack First Hungarian Packing Technology Cluster) successfully applied for the BioCompack-CE project under the Interreg-Central Europe program with ten other organizations in a consortium. The leading partner is the Slovenian National Institute of Chemistry and the other project partners joined from six different countries (Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary). The overal budget of the project is 1.95 million €. It allows supported 36-month activities (01.05.2017 – 30.04.2020). The project linked to „Innovation and Knowledge Development” from the four main categories of the Interreg Central Europe program.

The main objective in the field of paper and plastic packaging is to provide stronger links between research institutes and companies in order to introduce certified biodegradable materials in paper and board packaging. This envisages an innovative cross-sectoral approaches and clusters, sectoral organizations and stakeholder involvement, allowing a focus on regional economic specialisation and speed up the transfer of technology.

Strategies and action plans

  • Develop integrated, cross-sectoral business support services for companies in the value chain of paper and plastic packaging. The project partners develop an asset system, incorporating it into business support services that takes into account the relevant legal and economic environment as well as the challenges of R&D and new paper and packaging solutions.

  • Establish sustainable relationship between R&D institutions and companies by creating a Transnational Biocomposite Packaging Center (TBPC), coupled with a regional innovation system. The partners will compile a two-year action plan that includes partner rules and obligations, financial obligations and major activities. The TBPC business model is based on the results of thorough analysis of the first phase of the project.

  • Spreading change processes across a wider range of stakeholders and encouraging them to innovate in the field of paper biomass packaging solutions.

In the figures: Interreg-Central Europe BioCompack-CE project

The partners participating in the project will meet for the third time

In January 2018 the next partner meeting of the project – 3rd partner meeting – will be held in Budapest, organized by DBH. Several work packages have been defined in the project, one of them is official given to DBH in the application, so the most important goal of the partner meeting is to define the performance strategy of this work package and to define the operational sub-tasks needed to realize it. The main content of the said work package is the implementation of 3 pilot actions per country, thus making a total of 18 pilot actions.

Know more about the project and the participants.

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