Virtual Call Center Launches Unique Mobile Application

DBH Seedstar at April 21, 2016

Virtual Call Center, capital investment of DBH Group, will make business calls and their status more trackable and transparent.

VCC, an innovative telecommunications company and a market leader in cloud-based contact centre technology, announced the launch of a new mobile application to support business calls for sales and customer relations staff. This app supports documenting, tracking, advancing and following up business calls in turn making sales and customer relations more effective and productive.

The key to the new app, as in the case of VCC Pay, VCC’s phone-based bank card payment system, is secure data handling. The mobile app does not store any data whatsoever related to calls labelled “private”. Call details from the data base can be further filtered and exported, and the system is able to create a list of scheduled calls and their call times. The call can subsequently be launched directly from any mobile device’s screen when the reminder shows up.
Virtual Call Center

According to Péter Málhai, Head of Business Development at VCC, the contact centre and customer relations market is shifting towards more integrated solutions and applications. Initial client feedback made it clear that a combination of non-call-centre-based sales and customer management functions, integrated into customer communications, was required.

He also emphasized that “VCC’s latest development aims to not only allow business calls to be logged and catalogued, but also to provide status tracking and follow up information to help make sales people more effective. This reflects our aim of using our market experience in call centre needs to make our solution more beneficial to our key partners.”

Dr. László Ürge, Board member at Virtual Call Center and at DBH Investment, a venture capital investor at VCC said “This new development provides integrated solutions that is the basis of shareholder’s value creation. VCC is ahead of the market curve, by developing trend setting technologies.”

Virtual Call Center’s technology is utilized in 32 countries and customers can initiate calls into 92 countries worldwide.

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