DBH Group presented at Corporate Growth 2015 Conference

DBH Group at November 09, 2015

Every company is to grow and be profitable. But how to achieve this nowadays? This was the topic of the Corporate Growth conference, took place on 3rd November where Sándor Erdei, PhD – CEO of DBH Group – gave a lecture about the advantages and opportunities of foreign markets.

The event focused on the three main factors of growth: capital, work and innovation. Participants such as managers of SMEs and large companies, funding and tender advisors, banking representatives got an insight about the perspectives given by the Hungarian economy and economic policy for the companies. The presenters were focusing on the risk factors and chances of entering foreign markets; what support could the EU tenders provide for the growth and what financial constructions are available for the expansion.

Sándor Erdei, PhD – CEO of DBH Group – hold a speech about the typical risk factors and obstacles of entering a foreign market.