Flying Objects earned the international Red Dot Awards

Ürge László at September 28, 2015

The DBH Group’s investment, Flying Objects Design Studio earned the international Red Dot Awards, which is also known as the Oscar of Design. They won the prestigious award with designing a hand hygiene control device of Hand-in-Scan.

The cooperation between the startup and design team is forward-thinking and prestigious, because the philosophy behind the concept is that the innovation and design has to develop in parallel, and this idea is also the key principle of Flying Objects. This concept means, that the engineers and designers continuously communicate with each other, and develop the product based on this teamwork. The development affected on the design, but sometimes the design defined the functionality.

As the representatives of Flying Objects emphasized, the design is never for just only itself, every detail has an important function. According to Mr. Húnfalvi and Mr. Laufer the task was very appealing, because a device like Hand-in-Scan was never made before; therefore they could design it without any preconception. As a result of this work they got the Red Dot Concept Award at 25th September, because at the start, the Hand-in-Scan was not yet in production.

Flying Objects

Flying Objects

About Flying Objects

Flying Objects is founded by two freshly graduate in 2013. András Húnfalvi and Ferenc Laufer studied Product Design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and spent a semester at ArtEz Institute of Arts, in the Netherlands. They also gained experience at Mercedes-Benz and Leoulux.

Their aim is to pair innovative ideas and technologies with good design. They believe that innovation and design should walk hand in hand to bring the greatest products to life. According to Flying Objects well-designed objects can make life better with high functionality and also define our environment aesthetically. Their aim is to create loveable and marketable products with thorough, timeless and sustainable design.

Besides Red Dot Awards they also won with this work The Hungarian Design Award on 24th September at Budapest Design Week.