The Superior Choice Over Office Subleases

Bálint Erényi at July 20, 2023

Not much is certain in today’s ever-changing business landscape. Organizations often find themselves facing the challenge of adapting to new work dynamics and evolving office requirements.

Traditional long-term leases can become a hindrance when flexibility is paramount. To address this dilemma, some companies turn to office subleasing, where they sublet their unused spaces to other businesses.

While office subleasing may seem appealing due to cost savings and immediate availability, it’s essential to consider the drawbacks before making a decision.

One of the primary concerns with office subleasing is that it is not the sublessor’s core business. While the sublessor may be a well-established Fortune Global 500 company, managing a sublease is typically outside their area of expertise.

This has significant implications for potential subtenants like you:

Lack of professional service

As a subtenant, you won’t be treated as a client. Instead, you might interact with financial personnel who prioritize cost savings over providing a professional experience. The absence of dedicated sales staff and streamlined processes could result in a less-than-ideal leasing journey.

Limited modifications and services

Since subleasing is not the sublessor’s primary focus, securing capital expenditure (capex) for necessary modifications or upgrades can be challenging. If you require specific changes to the space, such as network infrastructure improvements or customization to align with your corporate guidelines, you may be left to handle them independently.

Absence of services and support

While the sublessor might excel in its core business, it is unlikely to have expertise in real estate and facility management. As a result, you may be responsible for handling various aspects, such as facility maintenance, reception services, or branding, without professional assistance.

Limited flexibility

Unlike serviced offices, office subleases offer little to no flexibility for future space expansion or reduction. As a subtenant, you are merely “there” to save money for the sublessor. Even extending the contract can be challenging, as it ultimately depends on the sublessor’s plans rather than your business needs.

Given the potential pitfalls of office subleasing, it’s worthwhile to consider a superior alternative:


Flex serviced offices provide a comprehensive solution that combines the benefits of affordability, ready-to-use infrastructure, professional services, and unmatched flexibility.

Here’s why choosing a flex serviced office is the smart choice:


Serviced offices often offer competitive pricing, especially when compared to traditional office spaces. With inclusive packages covering rent, utilities, maintenance, and other amenities, you can avoid unexpected costs and better manage your budget.

A comparison conducted by Servcorp concluded that the cost of a serviced office can be around 86% cheaper than traditional subleasing.

Fully equipped and furnished

Serviced offices come fully equipped with modern infrastructure and high-quality furniture, saving you the time and effort of investing in these assets. You can walk in and start working immediately, ensuring maximum productivity from day one.

The numbers speak for themselves, only in New York the forecasted demand for flex spaces has risen up to 19% in recent years.

Professional services and support

Unlike sublessors, serviced office providers specialize in offering exceptional client experiences. With dedicated sales and service staff, you can expect professional assistance throughout your tenancy, ensuring your needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Flexibility and scalability

Flex serviced offices are designed with flexibility in mind. You can easily adapt your space requirements as your business evolves, whether you need to expand or downsize. Additionally, most serviced office providers offer flexible lease terms, allowing you to adjust your commitment based on your changing needs.

By choosing a flex serviced office, you can sidestep the potential pitfalls of office subleasing. With professional service, inclusive amenities, and unmatched flexibility, serviced offices provide an optimal solution for businesses seeking a workspace that aligns with their ever-evolving requirements.

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