Did you know that in addition to providing a conference room, we can also assist you in meeting preparation?

Klaudia Gáspár at August 30, 2022

One of the most critical aspects of business life is establishing social relationships. However, the past 2.5 years’ pandemic has dramatically changed our habits. Online communication, which has become practical and even essential in many situations, has also shown adverse effects on building these relationships.

After lifting the restrictions, we could observe that people have become more withdrawn. Still, over time, however, they realized that personal contact is essential for successful processes, so everything slowly returned to the old way of life.

Negotiation means the activity necessary to achieve cooperation, in which the parties strive for a win-win solution. For this, in addition to effective communication skills, it is essential to organize the operative framework of the negotiation.

What does the preparation for a negotiation look like?

The first step after making an appointment is to prepare the location. The arrangement of the furniture, the lighting, the appropriate technical background, and the appropriate catering service are all critical. In addition, the first impression, i.e., a warm welcome, is essential.

Given the more than 25-year history of the DBH Group, we have found that the organization of negotiations causes the most headaches for our clients since the professional background and the source of communication are a given.

We need to provide our customers with the greatest possible comfort and peace of mind, so we take over the processes in which we have outstanding competence.

After setting the appointment, we take over most of the organization. We arrange the location according to individual needs, provide the technical equipment, and provide the desired food and drinks based on prior agreement.

Our repertoire is almost inexhaustible. From small pastries to sandwiches to cold collations, everything is possible, even pizza, which is currently enjoying a new heyday, either in its classic form or in reimagined versions.

In addition, we can serve high-quality coffee, which has almost become a ritual drink for business negotiations. We provide support throughout the event; our highly qualified, foreign-language-speaking colleagues ​​are available to our customers on-site.

We also provide a Wi-Fi network, office supplies, flip charts, projectors, IT support, and parking at our Budapest locations.

In addition to our meeting rooms, which are comfortable for 2-12 people, we also have conference rooms that can accommodate up to 80 people at each of our locations, which are also suitable for holding banquets, press conferences, and conferences. In addition to these, the rooms are also ideal for holding teleconferences.

Business trends place more and more emphasis on employee satisfaction. In addition to voluntary benefits, such as sports or recreation opportunities, and theater tickets, when planning the working year, it is worth paying attention to encouraging colleagues to spend time with each other in an informal atmosphere outside of working hours, whether it’s a training session or a team-building event that similarly gets employees out of the old office routine. Our conference rooms and catering service can also provide a suitable venue for these events.

Become our customers, and let us take the burden of organization off your shoulders for the sake of successful business deals, pleasant programs, and fun events.