24-26 May 2022 – PPDExpo

Klaudia Gáspár at June 14, 2022

At this year’s PPDExpo Omnipack Packaging Cluster and its nine cluster members incuding AMCO, CLB, Domaplast, EuroInvestMetal, Ökosys, Pressair, Ugrinpack, Thermofoam and URS presented a very special stand with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

The stand reflected the 3Rs rule, i.e. reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

Our central message was that by developing responsible consumption habits, we can optimise the use of available resources and thereby reduce our carbon footprint (the amount of gases produced as a result of human action).

A special thanks to all participating Members for your cooperation!

More information: https://omnipack.hu/