Five irreplaceable advantages you only get with DBH Serviced Office

Hanjalka Csabai at July 26, 2021

Renting a space for your business is very often a challenge, a waste of time and energy. Often, when you’re looking for a good place, if it’s equipped and furnished to your liking, it’s either too expensive, or too far from the subway, or it’s so priced, you wonder if there’s anyone who can afford it.

When you’re lucky enough to find a space in the middle of the fair, you realize that it’s in an old building, which has little left and falls at the first jolt of a tram too rushed. Or it’s too big for what you need, and then you don’t know how to make it. Not to mention the fact that when you finally find something convenient, you find yourself having to sign a contract for a minimum of three years, not knowing what will happen to your business and whether you will be able to honor such a long-term commitment.

You’re going to let yourself down and not rent anything.

But it was precisely against the background of the need to solve and prevent the occurrence of such problems that DBH Serviced Office was born, which found the perfect solution to give suitable spaces for rent to any needs.

Specifically, unlike other entities that offer business rental spaces, DBH Serviced Office offers five irreplaceable advantages that are the perfect answer to your needs:

1. Flexibility – Working with DBH Serviced Office, you no longer have to sign a long-term contract. Three months is the minimum duration accepted for leases. Plus, you’re free to renew your contracts month by month, which means you can stop at any time.

2. Adapt to your business – Because for DBH Serviced Office, your interest takes precedence and because flexibility is the law within the company, we offer you the possibility to rent offices for one, two, three or four people. If you’ve opted for a two-person office, but you’re lucky enough to blow up your business so much that you have to increase the number of employees, all you have to do is ask for a bigger space. The next month it’ll be yours. Moreover, in addition to offering small offices, DBH Serviced Office also has a corporate space office for 15 people.

3. Optional extra costs – Of course, when you rent a space, you’re not finished. You also need an internet connection, parking, printer, copiers, etc. If you want to pay for them, DBH Serviced Office makes them available to you in an attractive package. If, in return, you want to equip your office on your own, you have the freedom to do so. In other words, you want to have your own internet provider, you are free to opt for it. You want to bring your already purchased devices, the same. At DBH Serviced Office, everything relates strictly to your needs and desire.

4. Meeting room only when needed – Of course you can hold your meetings in a café or any other place, but that requires a waste of time in Bucharest traffic that also consumes your nerves and all your energy. Plus, there are things that sometimes you really can’t discuss in a relaxed space, like a restaurant or a café, where there’s too much buzz or where music screams louder than you can cover it up. In these cases, the meeting room is the optimal solution. Access is made on a programming basis, and you pay only when you use it and only for the part of time you keep it busy. Pretty convenient, right?

5. Logo on building – Like any company that respects itself, your company also needs the image. Nowadays, the image is the first proof of professionalism. Fully aware of this, members of the DBH Serviced Office team will promote your image by exposing your logo at the entrance to the building so that it does not remain anonymous.

Beyond these five great advantages that you have when you decide to work with DBH, there is a sixth that makes all the money: the building with rental spaces is located near the subway in Victoria Square. More downtown than it gets.

So, if you’re looking for an office space for your business, put everything on paper, study the offers in the market, make a calculation of all the expenses, balance the advantages and disadvantages you get, then consider our offer. Guaranteed is one of the most convenient, worth taking full advantage of.