How DBH reduces your expenses for rent per space at the same prices as in the market

Hanjalka Csabai at July 16, 2021

Over the past year, aimd the pandemic that has not been yet ended, there has been more and more talk about moving to a new reality. In business, this new reality emerged for a time as an unprecedented opportunity for companies to reduce space spending. From rent, utilities and maintenance, all expenses would have been significantly reduced if not eliminated, if employees had ended up working exclusively from home.

Yet, the transition from normality to another cannot be done as suddenly as one might think and that is due to a multitude of factors that have the power to influence this whole process of transition to something new.

The need for space for business still stands, as a business is more than just a group of people doing their jobs in the living room.What companies that want to get rid of unnecessary costs can do, however, is to best analyse their needs in the new context and to rethink their investment plan in the spaces where they choose to operate.

If you are an entreprenour or manager of a company and find yourself in a situation where you want to cut as much space expenses as possible, DBH team is the solution you need.

No, we’re not going to propose you to have your meetings into coffee shops, do your meetings with your employees online and to end all remote work contracts. Instead, we suggest that you opt for space that is appropiate to your new needs.

Above all, the great advantage of DBH’s offer is flexixiliby, which translates into permanent adaptation to the needs of your business. In other words, if you currently only have three employees and need a small space, you can only rent as much as you need. As your business grows and with it the number of employees, you will be able to exapand your office space according to your new needs, without having to pay compensation, advance, etc.

In other words, DBH keeps up with pace of evolution, understands and meets your needs.

A quick calculation will show us that in Bucharest, renting a space costs you between 15€ and 20€/sqm/month. To imagine that you can rent a space less that 10sqm is a utopia. Therefore, for only 10 sqm/month you should pay 150€ – 200€. However, we all know that the smallest area you can rent is at least 35sqm, i.e. a minimum of 525€ – 700€/month. Only rent for space.

Calculates the cost of a much larger space and how far the expenses go in the course of a year. Where else do you put that they are in addition to other expenses that you can’t give up such as equipment, maintenance, lighting, etc?

And what do you do if you need a small space, but you’re forced to pay unnecessarily for a much larger area that you don’t even actually need? Or what do you do if you assume by the lease that you stay in a certain space for a minimum period of one year, but you have nothing left to pay or find something more convenient, but you can not move because of the disadvantageous contractual conditions that hold you back?

Is that okay with you ?

However, how about you can rent a short-term space and move anywhere else at any time without any penalties, negotiations or unwanted discussions? And wouldn’t it be much more convenient for you to pay only the space you need for your employees and not have to give money on areas that remain empty and only generate costs that are nothing but a waste of money?

In the long run, where would the money you’d save go from spending on unnecessary spaces if not in your accounts?

If you realize that this is a good solution, but you don’t know where to find it, the answer is DBH.

DBH doesn’t lure you with lower prices than the market, but it helps you significantly reduce your spending by adjusting your offer strictly to your needs and especially through flexibility.

For further clarification, contact DBH team now and you will quickly understand how advantageous this offer is worth taking advantage of.