Cluster management consultancy – Georgia

Hanjalka Csabai at March 05, 2021

In the framework of our cooperation with United Nations Industrial Development Organisation this year we continued our – unfortunately, this time- online consultancy for Georgian cluster initiatives. Our strategic cooperation started in 2019 when a delegation of PMAG Georgian Packaging Cluster and experts from various ministries and governmental agencies visited Omnipack First Hungarian Packaging Technology Cluster officially represented by DBH InnoHub. That time beside organising site visits to different companies and other stakeholders of the Hungarian packaging ecosystem DBH InnoHub introduced the delegation into various aspects of cluster development.

Mostly based upon this initial assignment PMAG has been developing rather quickly and has stepped into a next phase of their development when further consultancy is needed. Therefore they invited other Georgian clusters as well and our expert team provided consultancy for them.

This time the focal areas were:
– a detailed introduction into changing European funding scheme (in Horizon Europe 100 billion EURO will be available for research and development and Georgian companies and organisations can apply as well) with special emphasis on circular economy issues.
– How to prepare a good application (consortium, scope, tasks, Work Package structure, finances.), cooperating with an international consortium in practice: roles, responsibilities and best practices.
– latest trends in European cluster policies, new Hungarian cluster policy, megaclusters vs. regional clusters, changes in accreditation procedure
– important role of Cluster Manager Assistant

We have been discussing next steps of our cooperation and we are committed to provide further consultancy in cluster management in Georgia and other Eastern Partnership countries where we can make use of our extensive knowledge in cluster development.

More informations: DBH InnoHub