Dr. Sándor Erdei was elected Vice-President of the Hungarian Association for Innovation (MISZ)

szilvia.varga at March 09, 2019

As a representative of the Presidium of MISZ for several years and actively involved in the work of the Association, Dr. Sándor Erdei was elected Vice-President of the Hungarian Association for Innovation (MISZ) on March 7.

As a seasoned professional of venture capital, foreign direct investment and a respected entrepreneur in the CEE region Dr. Erdei has managed many successful capital investment transactions as a consultant and as an investor in the last more than 20 years. In his new role as a Vice-President he will make the most of the rich of his prior experience and contribute to the Association’s activities. In line with MISZ’s mission, Dr. Sándor Erdei also feels particularly important the programs and initiatives that supporting innovation.

“One of the most important goals of the Association is to increase the visibility and reputation of Hungarian innovation both at local and international level and supporting companies and entrepreneurs to become more successful through innovations. On a long term we should influence economic and social actors in the way they think about innovation in its role in Hungary’s future.” said Sándor Erdei.“ No innovation could succeed without venture capital investment. We need to be extremely smart in launching science and technology results at the market and in developing market strategies. ” he commented.

As a businessman (founder and CEO of DBH Group) he places strong emphasize on exploring and supporting seed and early stage or Series A rounds investment opportunities in the ICT, Life Science and Pharma technology industries. “I feel a strong sense of commitment to make actions successful in the area of domestic research and development. Therefore I have developed a number of technology transfers and business strategies that contributed to employability and job creation. My VC-funded companies have developed several domestic and international innovation-prizewinner technologies. As part of the innovation activity, I have invested in several startup companies and also managed them directly. Using the investments, companies in our portfolio have researched and developed world-class technologies, and as a result, they have been recognized with a total of 16 international awards.” Sándor Erdei concluded.

Founded in 1990, the Hungarian Association for Innovation (MISZ), as a professional and employer interest protection organization, focuses on the economic stimulating role of innovation. MISZ has 761 member organizations including innovative businesses, universities, research institutes, non-profit institutions and several representative associations, with the intention of creating a conducive environment in Hungary for the practical exploitation of intellectual properties. The Association also organizes a number of talent and innovation promotional programs.