DBH Group at UpGradeSME, the Interreg Europe Project

Keresztúri Zsolt at May 19, 2016

Zsolt Keresztúri, Business Unit Director – DBH InnoHub, was one of the outstanding speakers at the conference UpGradeSME, an Interreg Europe project, where he gave a lecture about case studies of Hungarian SMEs in the Netherlands.

The conference took place between 10 – 12th May 2016 in Budapest, Hungary and it focused on improving policy instruments supporting innovative SME performance. Attendees with different nationalities and even representatives of the Ministry of National Economy  took part in the three-day event, where they discussed the challenges faced by the Hungarian SMEs while entering a foreign market and how the Hungarian tender system can support the SMEs in a more effective and efficient way.

Pannon Business Network Association , the lead partner in this international project invited Mr. Zsolt Keresztúri to speak about the case studies of Hungarian SMEs in the Netherlands. Mr. Keresztúri emphasized the fact that Hungarian companies are generally very “subsidy addicted”, even if they put strategic priority on internationalization, but investing in such activities is a challenging and sensitive issue.

Furthermore, he added that a single meeting with a potential client is never enough and emphasized the importance of a proper follow-up. After a matchmaking meeting, it is essential to be pro-active, patient and persistent as usually within half or 1 year a valuable business experience will start developing. Another important factor that he pointed out was about understanding the differences between business cultures and how the involvement of local experts will open up endless business opportunities and facilitate the entrance on a foreign market.

As part of the DBH Group with 20+ years of international environment, DBH InnoHub can facilitate the SME’s entrance on the foreign market, especially in Benelux states.

For more information, contact: Zsolt Keresztúri, Business Unit Director, e-mail: zsolt.kereszturi@dbh-group.com; mobile: +36 30 475-9638.