Cason develops smart metering technology for gas transport systems

Ürge László at April 18, 2016

Snam Rete Gas, Italy’s leading gas transport company, and Cason Inc., a technology company focusing on green technology and smart metering, signed a contract in order to develop a purpose-built technology to further enhance Snam Rete Gas’ pipeline monitoring systems.

The collaboration will focus on the development and implementation of the state of the art field monitoring systems that transmit key parameters, over an IP protocol, on GPRS/3 G/4G communication technology and which provide diagnostics services. The technology is designed to work under extreme environmental conditions without an outside power supply.

Cason, capital investment of DBH Group will also provide its proprietary smart metering technology for field monitoring systems, including engineering services, design of hard and software, production and assembly, repair and/or maintenance of its technology system and specific software development services.

These purpose-built state of the art systems will have a massive impact on the environment making operations more environmentally friendly and increasing gas supply security.

Snam Rete Gas Cason

Source: Snam Rete Gas

About Snam Rete Gas

Snam Rete Gas is the market leader in the transport and dispatching of natural gas field in Italy. It has a superb reputation for excellent skills in terms of technology, research and safety.  For more than 70 years Snam Rete Gas has been designing, building and managing a gas transport network which extends over 32,245 km across Italy.  Snam Rete Gas is a company of Snam, an integrated operator at the forefront of gas regulated activities in Italy and a European leader in terms of regulated asset value (RAB).


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