Indiso reports positive preliminary clinical results with COPD patients

Ürge László at February 11, 2016

Indiso Ltd., a capital investment of DBH Group announced positive results in its clinical research program. The program focusing on COPD and asthma patients displaying improvements in respiratory functions and other clinical parameters. 

Upper and lower respiratory tract diseases and allergies create significant healthcare problems in the developed world and have reached epidemic levels. Increasing number of studies however, show that there are complementary natural treatment alternatives to the modern drug therapies in use within today’s medical practices for treating these symptoms.

Dr. Katalin Várdi, principal investigator of the study, head of the Rehabilitation Department at the Törökbálint Pulmonology Clinic said: „Applying scientifically proven standards we examined the effects of the Indiso Speleo Therapy on 100 COPD and asthma patients. This therapy shows very encouraging results especially for patients with serious lower respiratory diseases. Patients showed encouraging improvements in 6 minutes walking and their respiratory parameters also improved significantly.”

Indiso Speleo Therapy

Dr. István Laki, head of the Pediatric Department at the Törökbálint Pulmonology Clinic added: “For respiratory disease patients the Indiso Speleo Therapy resulted in improved respiratory functions, in many cases by 10%, while the symptom’s scoring systems improved by 30%.  The therapy effectively dissolves the respiratory mucus and achieves similar results as standard drug therapy but with no side effects. All our patients reported improvement in their conditions as well as in their quality of life. We look forward to continuing this very promising study and expanding it to a larger patient population.”

Dr. László Ürge, Board member at DBH Investment, the venture capital investor in Indiso added:  “We are very encouraged by these results and are proud that this technology can have such a significantly positive impact on patients suffering from these respiratory symptoms.” According to Dr. László Ürge, these results may also have significant economic impact on healthcare systems, since there are estimates that, in the EU alone, spending an additional €5-8 billion could save €55-151 billion on the treatment of allergy and respiratory problems.

About Indiso

Indiso is a health tech company focusing on the unmet medical needs of respiratory and pulmonary disease sufferers to eliminate the syndromes and improve the patient’s quality of life. Indiso Speleo Therapy is Hungary’s most well-known medical dry salt therapy, which also provides efficient relief of symptoms in cases of asthma, allergy, croup, bronchitis, COPD, CF and mild upper respiratory diseases.

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