New user interface in Exact Synergy

DBH IT at June 25, 2015

In product update 255 the interface of Exact Synergy is completely redesigned. After performing an update you’ll see that the complete user interface has undergone a transformation to a more innovative and visually attractive design.

The menus are now available on the top. Via the preferences menu (gear-icon) on the top right you can add or remove the items such as Homepage, News, Favorites or My Documents, HRM Module from every top menu.

The toolbar buttons that were present on the menu bar before, are available via the ‘Hamburger’ menu, in the Quick access part together with the ‘My menu’ options.

In previous releases the search function was available on the left. As of this product update it will be available on the top. Your roles determine in which module you can search.

Similar to the search function the +Create menu is also available on the top. Via this menu you can create the entities.

On the right side next you can find the Modules that allow you to navigate to the various functions of those modules.

Besides the changes regarding the menus also the various cards are updated. For instance the Person card.

The buttons and icons are in line with the new design. Also the summary section is now available on the top left. The summary section contains the picture of the employee together with de important information about the employee.

The person card is also updated. By the introduction of the new interface, the existing styles are no longer available in product update 255. The existing styles are replaced by new styles. In product update 255 three new styles will be available. In the image below you can see an example of the request lay-out for these three styles: Default, GreenSea and Exact.

The boxes with the request steps (Create, Approve, Realise and/or Process) are now placed close to each other and the arrow in between are removed. The arrow in the box itself and the font color indicate the current status of the request.

The tabs are placed in a row and the alignment of the fields on the tabs has changed. A colored line indicates which tab is the active tab. This colored line is also displayed when you hover over an inactive tab.

Further the position of the ‘Created/Modified’ and ‘Status’ information is adjusted. This can be found on the top right of the request.

The controlled release phase for product update 255 started in May 2015, so it means that it will be commercially available in a few months for every users.

(via Exact Product Blog)