DBH SeedStar

DBH SeedStar is a Dutch-Hungarian incubator and accelerator. As a member of DBH Group with 20+ years of international investment experience we are assisting the development of Hungarian seed-stage companies with international breakout opportunity. Our goal is to make Hungarian startups more predictable and attractive for international venture capital.


Our focus is on early/seed stage companies that are working on their first minimal viable products. The aim of our activity is to help startups successfully pass the early stage development phase, fine-tune their businesses and enhance their chance of entering and staying in the market after the incubation process ends. We prepare startups for scaling within our tailor made acceleration program. This program is focusing on startups that are ready to validate their product, find new investments and partners on a foreign market as the Netherlands or as next step in the US. We are looking for companies that have a significant, sustainable market advantage, a determined team, eagerness to reach milestones.



We are the only accelerator that has literally tightened the CEE region together with the Netherlands, and one of the world’s most innovative Brainport region and Eindhoven. Our business model lies on a simple idea that if you make innovation internationally mobile and you add great startups and excellent mentors to the system, MAGIC happens. Our massive network of people, 20 years of VC and international business development experience and unique portfolio of services, makes DBH SeedStar one of a kind business accelerator.


We leverage the network of 50+ highly motivated international mentors from a variety of backgrounds who are deeply involved in our program with excellent network and different expertise areas and skill sets to support our startups. One of our unique advantage is the engagement of our mentors who give quality feedbacks, resources and their network.


We help to make your idea phase company into an investible one with an MVP and a business plan. We foster your company’s growth by centralizing functions like marketing, business planning, legal and finance and we provide go-to-market advice from peers and mentors in order to free you up thus you can focus on the development of your idea.


We give you full validation on the Western European market with international business development and acceleration in the Netherlands. We have a soft landing program with local assistance and office space capitalizing on one of the most desirable tech-hubs of the world, in Brainport region and Eindhoven.

Office spaces

We offer impressive office spaces, co-werk spaces, conference rooms and virtual office services in a quality business environment in several countries and locations. Our coworking spaces have the advantage of the proximity of other startup businesses and DBH SeedStar as well. This way you can find out experts next door and also arrange business meetings in a professional environment.

Fund raising support

With 20 years of VC investor experience we guide the startups how to raise further investment into their business case. Through strategic partners and our investor network we always give the participating companies the opportunity to find the right match between their financial needs and available solutions. We offer subsidy advisory and management services as well.

Business Services

Our professional team of consultants provides tailor-made consultancy services. We provide professional business services like financial consulting and project management for young entrepreneurs. We also offer serviced and virtual offices as well as coworking and office headquarters which provide a solid physical infrastructure and help managing the brand image of startups.

Global Community

DBH SeedStar has a global community of experts and investors who can help startups to grow fast and find international success.


After our incubation and acceleration program you can get access to PR & marketing support, legal & administrative services, finance advisory, fundraising and access to our exclusive business network.

Team development

As an entrepreneur you have to evolve yourself and your team besides your startup. We can help you learn fast and thorough and also to find the best team members who are not just professionals in their expertise but enthusiastic about your idea as well.



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