Project Management

DBH Project Management offers operative support for managing and handling either the whole process or certain phases of European and international projects from the proposal to the cutoff. Our experts are committed to develop project strategies (strategic planning), and prepare all the business plans, analysis and studies which are indispensable for a successful project.

We are proud of the years of experience gained by our colleagues in implementing complete company restructuring and managing subsidised projects (e.g. PESP and PSOM subsidy programs of the Dutch government). Our references cover not only the Central-Eastern-European region but Asian countries as well (e.g. China, Indonesia, etc.).

The DBH Project Management’s target areas for development in Central and Eastern Europe: Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Because of our extensive regional and international business network and our local experts, we provide our partners expanding to abroad with essential services required for their successful market entrance.

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