Reporting & Compliance

Your business needs correct data and an efficient collaboration among employees. Exact’s solution can help you overview the state of your business while complying with local legislation.

Complying with local legislations
Complying with legislation and legislative regulations can be time-consuming, taking staff away from other tasks. Exact’s software allows businesses to ensure that they automatically comply with local legislation, saving time and money.

Exact’s solutions are complied with more than 40 languages and legislations worldwide. Exact has been supported by Hungarian legislation since 1994 and Romanian legislation since 1997.

An international solution
Besides the local compliance benefits, Exact’s software is a well-known and widely used international ERP solution, which facilitates the work of international businesses who have to deliver group reports while also comply with the local legislations. Exact’s solution can handle and deliver both.

With a Microsoft Excel add-in, users can also easily create their own reports without working within the application.

Flexible reporting tools
All successful businesses need a clear view of data on their performance, targets, budgets, expenses and markets. Exact’s software assists you in collecting the right information, so that you have instant access to the most up-to-date and reliable figures. With an extensive and flexible reporting tool, Exact’s solution lets you link information across business areas, and share this data with authorised staff members.

By having an overview of the state of your business, you can quickly and accurately identify the areas within your company which require fine tuning and attention, ensuring maximum efficiency at all times.

Benefits of acquiring Exact reporting and compliance solution through DBH IT Services
We at DBH IT Services understand that a proficient reporting and compliance solution will increase your business efficiency and satisfy your customers’ needs. With our tailor-made education and training programmes for Exact applications and solutions as well as with our consultancy services for the integration, support and operation of Exact solution packages we can help you set up and master your individual Exact Globe Next-based reporting and compliance solution.

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