Project Management

Appropriate project management techniques are essential for realising successful business processes. Exact’s solution will help you store all your business data on a single, central platform that allows real-time access to project data. An efficient and streamlined project management will make your customers satisfied.

Automated project management
Exact’s solution will help you store all the up-to-date information related to a given a project on a single, shared platform, so all authorised team members will be able to monitor the project’s proceedings from planning through invoicing to payment and closure.

Integrated document and workflow management
Exact’s solution allows businesses to build on existing customer relationships by giving consultants instant access to the history of the relationship, allowing them to offer relevant new services.

To further improve project management, employees are able to register billable hours, allowing managers to pass on billable hours to accounts receivable, and making it easier to allocate existing resources.

Benefits of acquiring Exact project management solution through DBH IT Services
We at DBH IT Services understand that a proficient project management system will result in a more informed staff and more efficient in-house business process management. With our tailor-made education and training programmes for Exact apps and solutions as well as with our consultancy services for the integration, support and operation of Exact solution packages we can help you set up and master your individual Exact Synergy-based project management solution.

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