Planning & Production

Detailed planning and reliable calculation of production costs and resources can help optimise expenditure and improve customer service. Exact’s solution helps you streamline your business processes and boost your manufacturing services.

Automated process management
Exact’s planning and production solution helps your business to streamline its processes, including production planning, stock control and order administration. With reliable and up-to-date information on tools and processes, you can easily allocate resources and gain full control over your production and the state of your business.

Anytime accurate information
With anytime-access to up-to-date and accurate information you can analyse your planning and production, learn from your potential mistakes and correct them immediately. With a reliable system of process management you can anticipate and respond quickly to any issues, helping you to maintain efficiency and raise your profitability at the end of the day.

Integrated document and workflow management
Proficient manufacturing businesses require documents and workflows to track processes. Exact’s solution supports the implementation of complex planning and production processes based on native workflow management. From simple information like stock control and order administration to more complex ones like resources allocation, expenditure optimisation or issues management, Exact Synergy Enterprise supports an integrated document and workflow management built around the planning and production of your products.

Benefits of acquiring Exact’s planning and production solution through DBH IT Services
We at DBH IT Services understand that a proficient planning and production system will result in a more cost-efficient and more streamlined manufacturing process management. With our tailor-made education and training programmes for Exact applications and solutions as well as with our consultancy services for the integration, support and operation of Exact solution packages we can help you set up and master your individual planning and production solution.

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