Your business needs up-to-date information, timely reports and prompt workflow management. With Exact’s logistics solutions we can guarantee all these to ensure efficiency and cost-cuts for your business.

Automated process management
Exact’s logistics solution can help you create a fine-tuned logistics process that easily streamlines your purchasing, sales, supply chain or warehouse management. Exact’s software gives you an up-to-date overview of your optimal stock levels, letting you know exactly when to place new orders and ensure on-time delivery of the right product to its due destination.

Full built-in document and workflow management
The entire logistics process is being managed automatically by Exact Globe Next software from quotation till payment. No need to inform the bookkeeping accountant, all logistics transactions will generate financial transactions automatically. Whether you are using sales order or invoice or you have a more complex process including quotations, everything is available through the solution, because the software links all specific documents and processes.

For warehouse management
If you manage a whole warehouse, than Exact’s Track and Trace solution can be exceptionally useful. By incorporating software and barcode scanning into your warehouse and following goods and deliveries, you reduce the number of return orders and pick errors, as well as guarantee delivery times.

For supply chain management
If you manage your own supply chain and if your stock diminishes faster than expected or a delivery is delayed, an e-mail or text message alert helps you take action before a problem arises, allowing you to know exactly what’s happening in your business.

Benefits of acquiring Exact logistics solution through DBH IT Services
We at DBH IT Services understand that a proficient logistics and supply-chain management will increase your business efficiency and satisfy your customers’ needs. With our tailor-made education and training programmes for Exact applications and solutions as well as with our consultancy services for the integration, support and operation of Exact solution packages we can help you set up and master your individual Exact Globe Next-based logistics solution.

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