Finance & Accounting

Financial personnel need up-to-date and accurate information about the status of each department to ensure the smooth running of the business. Exact’s solution provides anytime financial insight into business processes, while complying with local legislations.

Complying with local legislations
Complying with legislation and legislative regulations can be time-consuming, taking staff away from other tasks. Exact’s software allows businesses to ensure that they automatically comply with local legislation, saving time and money.

Exact’s solutions are complied with more than 40 languages and legislations worldwide. Exact has been supported by Hungarian legislation since 1994 and Romanian legislation since 1997.

An international solution
Besides the local compliance benefits, Exact’s software is a well-known and widely used international ERP solution, complying with international standards of IAAS and IFRS rules. This facilitates the work of international businesses that have to deliver group reports while also comply with the local legislations. Exact’s solution can handle and deliver both.

With a Microsoft Excel add-in, users can also easily create their own reports without working within the application.

Built-in automatic reporting
Exact’s finance and accountancy solution provides a built-in automatic reporting documentation. All incoming invoices can be automatically registered and scanned into the system. Thanks to Exact’s sophisticated document and workflow management, financial processes go through a pre-defined workflow of approvals and booking and can be withdrawn or downloaded anytime.

Exact’s solution also supports electronic invoicing and direct links to most of your banking software making financial processes real-time and easily manageable. (For the list of banks supporting the application please contact us!)

Anytime accurate information
With Exact’s finance and accountancy solution accountants can have accurate information on previous and current results, as well as insight into outstanding invoices and late payments anytime. Such information will help the financial department and management to easily budget and plan finances, thus optimising business processes.

The DBH Customer Portal
DBH IT Services  – the official reseller and support partner of Exact in Hungary, Romania and Croatia – developed a white-labelled Customer Portal surface with sophisticated finance and accountancy functionality.

The DBH Customer Portal provides online access to all your business-related information, analyses and reports. All authorised customers can view business data in real-time or download them in Microsoft Word, Excel or Adobe PDF formats. You don’t need the physical presence or help of accountants to get access to invoices, ledgers, customer or supplier cards, balance sheets or payroll registers.

The DBH Customer Portal based on Exact’s solution supports your business processes anytime, from anywhere, with any mobile device. The online finance and accountancy documents and data helps you monitor and manage your business’ financing easily and efficiently, ensuring the best management decisions.

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