Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your clients are vital, your sales needs qualified leads. With Exact’s solutions we can improve your customers’ satisfaction and develop your relationships with them.

Full-suite opportunity management
With Exact’s CRM solutions your sales teams can track opportunities, competitors and decision-makers as well as anticipate sales results and maximise sales conversions.

Integrated CRM with back office
By improving communications between departments and providing an overview of internal processes, Exact Synergy Enterprise software helps sales and marketing teams to ensure that all campaigns are as efficient as possible. In the meantime, all CRM users can have information from back office applications about balance sheets, outstanding invoices, etc.

Integrated document and workflow management
Every sales cycle requires documents and workflows to track processes. With a centralised customer database, Exact Synergy helps your service staff to see to it that all customer queries are followed up promptly and effectively, ensuring customer satisfaction and continuous business.

Built-in automation
Complex approval processes are natively built in the application, so Exact Synergy can support different levels of approval during the sales cycle.

Integration with Office
Exact’s CRM solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Office applications as Exact Synergy Enterprise is completely built within Microsoft environment.

Benefits of acquiring Exact CRM solution through DBH IT Services.
We at DBH IT Services understand that a proficient CRM system is vital to boost your sales. With our tailor-made education and training programmes for Exact applications and solutions as well as with our consultancy services for the integration, support and operation of Exact solution packages we can help you set up and master your individual Exact Synergy Enterprise-based CRM solution.

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