• Norma Instruments

    The Norma Instruments Zrt. is a designer and supplier of innovative blood analysis systems serving the in-vitro diagnostic market. Norma Instruments offers high quality, cutting edge products and excellent services. The product range consists of analyzers and reagents for clinical chemistry, hematology, as well as ion selective analyzers for human medical and veterinary clinics. The multinational based company exclusively supplies trained authorized distributors who are responsible for providing the appropriate after sales service. The Norma Instruments exclusively supplies trained authorized distributors who are responsible for providing the appropriate after sales service.


  • VCC Live

    VCC LiveThe product developed by VCC Live provides a unique solution with the most modern technologies to any kind of call centers. With the help of this product such professional call center can be set up without appliance-investment, which was only available for the biggest firms. The VCC Live software ensures technical and telecommunication services without further investments and is suitable of delivering any kind of phone-related pursuits (telemarketing, customer service, market research). For the actuation nothing else but computer, headset and broadband internet is needed. The software also supports the telecommuting, therefore the rental cost of the office can be saved.


  • HandInScan

    handinscan logoThe HandInScan Ltd’s specialists developed a tool for controlling the efficiency of hand sterilizing in hospitals. The Hand-in-Scan system gives repeatable and immediate measurement of hand washing quality through UV-marked soap under non-invasive light excitation and digital imaging relying on image-processing. The setup consists of a rigid case with built-in UV lighting, a digital camera and an attached notebook. Fluorescent lights without a phosphorescent coating emit ultraviolet radiation due to the peak emission of the mercury within the tube. The employed workflow is the following: hand washing is performed with the treated soap mix, which appears brighter on sterile surfaces The specification of the original soap material guarantees the effectiveness of the disinfection; pictures of the hand are taken in the UV-lighted box with a wide angled digital camera mounted on the case (the palm and the top of the hand are recorded one after the other); the images are downloaded to a regular notebook through wire connection, and the computer performs an automatic evaluation procedure, providing images that highlights clean versus dirty areas, and indicates an
    overall score for the hand washing that are unambiguously displayed on the computer screen.


  • INDISO International

    The INDISO International Ltd.’s experts have been developed an innovative medical tool and process.   The system reproduces the micro climate of natural salt mines with the help of a special, so called INDISO-SPELEO- GENERATOR. The uniqueness of the method: by this medical equipment with specially treated and dry NaCl particle is injected in large quantities in room.  This dry air is easily inhalable and gets to the substance of the smallest bronchial tubes in the lungs. One complete cure consists of 10 or 20 treatment times depending on the characteristics of the illness and the aim of the treatments. The service is also recommended for healthy people, it helps in disease prevention, increasing the bearing capacity and functioning as a lung cleansing therapy especially for smokers. The cure is also recommended for asthma, allergies, ears, nose and throat diseases and in dermatological problems. According to statistics the effectiveness of the therapy application is exceptionally high. The 89% of the adults and 91% of children have reached the significantly improved status.


  • Neostratus


    Neostratus Inc. was ranked among the Top 5 cloud enablers for Telcos by Informa Telecoms and Media in 2012. Neostratus creates cloud providers by assisting partners and end-users to realize and implement their cloud strategies. Since its inception in 2008, Neostratus has supported 30+ partners in deploying their cloud strategies, 2/3 of which are major telecom operators. The Company’s footprint spans 20+ countries and is constantly growing globally. Neostratus’ award-winning product, the Cloud Services Manager™, enables quick and seamless cloud services provisioning and monetization, and functions as a self-service marketplace as well as an administrative platform for partners and customers.


  • Cason Group

    Cason Group is a producer and supplier of products and technologies for wide area industrial systems. Its core business is specialized in wide area industrial system communication with its main activities being development, manufacturing, and sales of specialized hardware devices. The company is also engaged in industrial data communication products; measurement and process control products; design, installation, and operation of industrial process control, data communication and information systems.


  • PMP Technology

    PMP Technology Ltd. is an enterprise founded mainly for the development, production and distribution of dental-use zirconia production centers. The firm is introducing a production equipment called Zirconia Drive in the Hungarian and international markets, designed for CNC technology integrated, computer-controlled dental labs, which is able to create individually designed, high-quality dental prosthesis very efficiently. Due to the Company’s investments the technological developments positioned the LTD among the significant precision-mechanics manufacturing capacity. Falling into line with the changes of market needs the Company became one of the determining suppliers of the producers of inland medical instruments.


  • Nanoform

    Nanoform Hungary Ltd. is a spin-off company of the UK-registered Nanoform Cardiovascular Therapeutics LTD founded by NanGenex LTD. NanGenex LTD was established in 2006 as a spin-off enterprise of ThalesNano with the aim of using the NanoActive technology of ThalesNano for pharmaceutical researches, which would result in a molecule-family with more prosperous features in the course of use and also more effective while engaging modern active substances. Nanoform Hungary LTD was established as part of this research process, and owns the patent rights of two active substances with huge market potential. The group of companies established Druggability Technologies LTD in 2012 for marketing the already developed and the under development members of the NanoActive molecule-family as well as for further development of the technology.