The focus of our activity are enterprises, we put special emphasis on the use of the innovation potential of the companies.

Being member of the Debrecen Innovation and Technical Development Foundation we support the technical development and innovation processes in the Northern Great Plain Region and we also play a role in continuously improving marketability of the intellectual products developed in the higher education institutions and research institutes of Debrecen.

We promote the creation of the social and economic environment favorable for innovation, the business use of the results of R&D and the improvement of the competitiveness and income generation capacity of the region.

Thanks to the own capital fund of DBH Group we are able to provide companies with venture capital in order to finance their innovation activities.

In partnership with international organizations and institutions, as a participant of regional projects DBH can contribute to the increase of the economic level of the region. This is also shown by the fact that in recent years DBH InnoHub had been involved in the coordination of innovation projects of 3.5 billion HUF altogether.

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