Tax advisory

In the frame of our tax related services we help our partners navigate within the maze of tax laws and help making decisions.

Our related services:

  • Tax advisory: In the frame of our tax advisory activity we help our partners manage both general and specific taxation cases.
  • Financial, accounting and tax due diligence: We will help you make your decisions well-informed, being aware of all appropriate information, whether you are facing company development, capital investment or company acquisition. We assess the inherent risks in the financial, accounting and taxation processes of your corporation or target company. Then we make recommendations to mitigate or eliminate these risks and help you make your related administrative processes more efficient.
  • Business planning: A business plan is a prediction, estimation of the future operation of your business based on the facts of its current operation and the awareness of foreseeable and expected economic processes and trends. In the life of your corporation the preparation of the business plan is a projection method which provides a framework for the development of an appropriate short- and long-term strategy of your business.

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