Smart and Sustainable Mobility

Based on our experience and our professional competencies we are specialized in smart digital solutions particularly sustainable urban mobility, focusing on e-mobility.

Training on charging infrastructure

DBH InnoHub offers training for national authorities, cities, Charging Point Operators (CPO) and e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSP) with user centric tools for the planning and roll-out of (public) charging infrastructure, to facilitate the fast uptake of e-mobility and to create business opportunities. The training modules cover
  • the introduction to public EV charging roll-out
  • planning the roll-out of (public) recharging infrastructure
  • business opportunities in EV charging

Strategic EV charging infrastructure mapping

Based on our experiences, we developed a strategic EV charging map as tool for decision makers within cities. The lessons learned and knowledge is very useful for other cities and regions in their decision making processes towards the right charging infrastructure on the right locations together with the right stakeholders. It includes a user-friendly dashboard, user profiles, stakeholder models, and tools for strategic location planning for the EV charging infrastructure.

E-Mobility incentives

We are able to evaluate the effectiveness of financial and non-financial incentives for electric driving, provide recommendation on the introduction of support policies on the national and local level. Our expertise in supporting schemes includes the incentives like tax reduction or –exemption, purchase tax reduction or –exemption, purchase grants and other tax benefits. Also the recurring incentives like road tax reduction or –exemption. Based on these topics, we can also have insight into the residual values and with that the depreciation of ICEs and BEVs. We are able to make an extensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison. Only with this method the real effect of an incentive can be determined. The TCO and BiK (Benefit in Kinds) calculations are not fully comprehensive. There are also other non-financial factors playing a role in the development of sales figures of BEVs.

Innovative Mobility Solutions

We manage an extensive digital catalogue, and professional network that let us support our partners with finding, buying, deploying, and managing third-party technologies and services that cities need to implement projects, solutions and run their sustainable mobility developments. We can also help with providing reference projects linked to support cost and feasibility assessments.