Payroll services

Manging the payroll of domestic and foreign employees can cause unnecessary strain on your company’s resources. You may also save cost by avoiding the need to use in-house resources to comply with complex payroll requirements.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll to us

We can ease your administration when you have changes in personnel, reduction or increase in compensation structure and obligations for filing reports to government authorities. We also take responsibility for avoiding mistakes and tax compliance penalties. Our payroll service may work in tandem with our accounting team to manage overlaping issues.
If time and costs of setting up managing in-house payroll function are considered overly burdensome are happy to deliver the payroll functions for you. Even with your in-house payroll team in place, you may still benefit from our service in case of employees on international assignment.
We handle the administrative and compliance functions of paying your employees.
  • Payroll administration (salaries, benefits, withholding social security and pension contributions)
  • Tax calculation and reporting
  • Local, EU and 3rd country employees
  • New employees' set-up admin