History of DBH

DBH was founded in 1994 by local governments and development agencies from the Netherlands and Hungary and was initially headquartered in the city of Maastricht as a nonprofit institution. In tandem the commercial entity, DBH Holland BV later on, DBH Group, was established by Mr. Sandor Erdei, a Dutch-Hungarian national, after finishing his MBA studies in Maastricht. Reflecting on the beginnings Sándor recalls that“…starting from scratch was a great risk but worth taking it. Since then, risk taking is part of my everyday business life. I always enjoy creating sustainable business value, growth and positive impact on environment and society. I am an entrepreneur but DBH ‘s vision is formed by a team of great partners and professionals today. We are capable of helping businesses meeting their growth plans “- he added.

Ever since the mid ‘90s the Central and Eastern European market posed a challenge for West European companies to do business just as was the case for East Europeans companies targeting to do business in the Netherlands. DBH since its inception has been focusing on foreign direct investments (FDI) into Hungary and later on into other Central and Eastern European countries.

DBH has grown from an FDI consulting company into an investment and service group engaged in international business with a focus on venture capital, flexible infrastructure and corporate business services.
New serviced office openings in Hungary
DBH Serviced Office Agora (Debrecen, November).
DBH Serviced Office BudaPart (Budapest, September).
DBH Serviced Office Buda Square (Budapest, April).
Wingzz investment
DBH invests in the Dutch startup, which focuses on children’s books digital platform.
Flying Objects exit
DBH exits from the Flying Objects startup.
New industrial investment in Debrecen
DBH acquires a 3,500 sqm industrial warehouse in Debrecen.
2010 - 2015
VC investments
DBH Investment’s Venture Capital fund invests in various startups: VCC Live, Norma Industries, Hand in Scan, CASON Engineering Plc.
Business Superbrands Award
DBH Group receives the Business Superbrands Award.
New serviced office in the downtown of Budapest
DBH opens it’s fourth serviced office location – DBH Serviced Office GreenPoint – in the downtown of Budapest, with the KoWerk Office coworking space for startups.
DBH Romania Bucharest
DBH Group enters the Romanian market and establishes DBH Serviced Office Bucharest.
European Enterprise Award
The DBH Business Model, a serviced package developed for small- and medium-sized companies, won 1st prize at the national competition of the European Enterprise Awards organized by the European Commission.
DBH Innovation and Industrial Park, Felsőzsolca
The 3200 square meter industrial facility was opened in the North Hungarian region; the facility has become one of the region’s leading industrial spaces.
Cason Award
Cason, a DBH VC investment, receives Microsoft’s Innovation Award, Category: Cloud application.
DBH Slovakia
The establishment of DBH Slovakia with the focus on project management.
VC Fund established
DBH Group formed its own venture capital fund and established the DBH Investment Venture Capital Fund Management Public Limited Company (Plc.).

The DBH Investment Venture Capital Fund Management Plc. successfully took part in the competition of the New Hungary Venture Capital Program (JEREMIE program) tendered by the European Commission and as a result, its fund grew to 5 billion HUF (approx. EUR 17mn).
DBH Serviced Office Infopark
The 2000 square meter serviced offices center opened in the number 1 business and IT center of Hungary and was called the DBH Serviced Office Infopark. This year the headquarters for the company group was also moved here.
DBH Serviced Office Debrecen
The DBH Group opened the first serviced offices center in the North Plain region. The 1500 square meter serviced offices center, meeting the most modern requirements, has operated at full capacity since its opening. With the establishment of the office building, the division of the DBH Group, the DBH Serviced Office was founded.
DBH Group CEE HQ in Budapest
The DBH Group’s CEE headquarters was established in Budapest thus strengthening its advisory and investment activity in Central and Eastern Europe.
Industrial real estate development in Debrecen
The 3500 square meter industrial real estate development took place in the Debrecen Industrial Park.
Industrial real estate development project completed in Budapest
Through this development, the DBH Industrial Space, the division of the DBH Group dealing with industrial sites was established. The building complex was expanded with a production hall and offices providing quality offices for several companies, among others Unitek Miyachi, a multinational company from the US. The project was sold in 2012 to a Budapest stock exchange listed company.
First exit
An important milestone in the history of the company. The first exit was realized from the majority Dutch owned Vebatronic BV.
DBH Finance established
DBH Finance, the division of the DBH Group to provide financial services, was established.
DBH HQ moving from Maastricht to Rotterdam
The headquarters of DBH was moved from Maastricht to Rotterdam, the business and economic center of Holland.
First investment
The DBH Group made its first venture capital investment through the establishment of Vebatronic BV as a co-founder.
This year the DBV Holland BV was founded with the focus on foreign direct investments into Central and Eastern Europe.
DBH founded
DBH was established in 1994 in the form of a private foundation by Hungarian and Dutch local governments and development agencies in the city of Maastricht.