DBH Corporate Spaces

Need more than 20 workstations for your company?

Let's start a conversation about how we can tailor our services according to your needs. Over 50 workstations, we are ready to open a new serviced office for you.

How does it work?

Where? What size? Duration? Interior design? And many more questions you have to answer.
understanding your preferences
Based on your preferences, we create a long-list with potential office buildings. Your team can create a short-list with the most prefered facilities, and after site visits, together with you we choose the best option.
joint site selection
We rent the prefered office space for 5 years typically, but we provide you 1-2-3 years contracts and break/ floating/extension options, based on your preferences.
In the new business center you won’t be the single client. We rent 20-50% larger space than your dedicated offices. On this way, we can keep continously the location on the flexible space market, helping us to manage it after you leave. It means definitelly lower prices for you, compared to competing solutions.
We create office spaces and common & relax areas with your team.
joint space planning
You can express your brand image, because you have fundamental impact how the new business center will look like. And naturally it means zero capex for you – we pay the bill.
joint interior design
You can also add some extra services in our portfolio just like dedicated financial/IT/car sharing services by DBH Group.
joint interior design

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