We are professionals from many different parts of Europe for whom the quality service we provide is important. Development is a primary challenge for our community.

Work for DBH

DBH Group is one of the most dynamically developing companies providing business services and dealing with investments in the Central Eastern European region. Our company is always looking for ambitious and enthusiastic new employees. Would you like to work for an international company with extensive options at your disposal? Would you like to improve yourself using your skills, talent and interests? Are you looking for a company where you can work in a pleasant atmosphere among young colleagues? DBH is the corporation of new possibilities and challenges. We provide you with an international environment and teamwork across more countries. Having personal initiative plays an important role in the success of our colleagues and company. If you think you meet the high expectations of DBH, please have a look at the available job offers or send your CV and motivation letter to the email address:

Recruitment process of the
DBH Group

Our process have three stages.
In this case we check if the application is still ongoing, we talk about basic informations and the participant’s goals.
phone call
This time the aspirants get the chance to introduce themselves. We introduce our group and the applied position. If the job requires English we will test it.
We get to know each other’s professional goals, and the participant’s capabilities. In the first round a written test could be possible but we let the aspirant know beforehand./ If the interview's first round has a written test we will inform the aspirant beforehand.
interview with the section leaders
Because of the COVID-19 epidemic we arrange the interview online (mostly Skype for Business). If it’s not possible then we will meet face to face using Covid-protocol.

Trainee program

We closely work together with universities and colleges. During the compulsory intership of the students we warmly welcome them as well as for dual training too.

Working conditions

Our centers are in frequented areas which provide good public transport and parking lots as well.

Onboarding process

During a DBH work placement, you’ll benefit from the same high level of attention we give all our people, including mentor support and feedback from a performance manager.


We are looking for people who are at least as determined as we are to build our company and for their personal development.
How long the recruitment process takes?
Our process have three stages.
  • First stage: phone call. Max. 30 minutes long.
  • Second stage: interview/Skype interview with our HR-department, max 1 hour long
  • Third stage: interview with the section leaders. This round may has written test but we let the aspirant know beforehand, app. 90-120 mins.
How do you get in touch with me? On phone or via e-mail?
First we phone the aspirant. If we couldn’t reach participant on phone, we send an e-mail about it.
What should I expect during the interview?
Our interests: the participants knowledge of our group, their work experience, their personalities and their goals.
Do I have to write test?
In case of some positions it’s a must but we let the aspirant know beforehand.
Do I have to use other languages?
Mostly, yes. We let you know about which language, the form of it (written, oral or both) and it’s level.
Do you have trainee program?
We closely work together with universities and colleges. During the compulsory intership of the students we warmly welcome them as well as for dual training too.

Get in touch

Please send us a message and we will contact you within 24 hours.