Dutcham Bulletin: Interview with Sándor Erdei, CEO of DBH Group

Dutcham Bulletin: Interview with Sándor Erdei, CEO of DBH Group

Dutcham Bulletin: Interview with Sándor Erdei, CEO of DBH Group

The Netherlands-Hungarian Chamber is one of the most important startegic partners of DBH Group. We are keen on working with them as they are passionately keep on promoting Dutch-Hungarian interchange among the members in order to build successful bilateral business cooperations.

We are happy to introduce the brand new Dutcham Bulletin that was publised today and would kindly call your attention to page 10-11 where you can read an interview with Sándor ERDEI, CEO of DBH Group.

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DBH Group has more than 20 years of international experience in providing financial and corporate services, project management, startup acceleration, infrastructure and investment services for thousands of Hungarian and foreign small and medium sized companies. The company’s portfolio of services can be flexible, scaled and developed in a tailor-made way in order to meet the special requirements of customers.

We asked Dr. Sándor Erdei, the Managing Director and Founder of DBH Group about the current activities of the group and their plans for the future.

DBH’s aim is to help small- and middle sized Hungarian and international companies to develop their services into competitive offerings with cost-efficient methods in a professional way. DBH intends to be a one-stop-shop for international companies doing business in the CEE region. DBH can provide physical office infrastructure, financial, IT or project management services, startup acceleration or venture capital investment to companies. During our more than 20 years of international experience we have already worked with thousands of businesses in Central and Eastern Europe and worldwide.

We would like to strengthen and extend our business services portfolio within Europe and beyond the Eastern European border to Azerbaijan and Turkey. We do expect a lot from this cooperation, hope to help to be a bridge between the Azerbaijani, Turkish and the CEE companies. DBH IT Services took over Exact’s business activities in Hungary and Croatia in December 2013 and in Romania as of first quarter of 2014. This collaboration exceeded our expectations which supported the decision to hand over the Exact activities in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia as well, including software distribution, consultancy and first-line support. In 2013 we launched a new business unit, DBH SeedStar and along with it we have a startup accelerator programme, wish to help Hungarian startups meet potentials investors from the Netherlands, and help Dutch businesses find potential partners in the CEE region and beyond. This year we have organized a startup competition, called “Seedstar Battle” where we had nearly 30 startups applicants, we had a 3 days workshop for the TOP 10 startups, where they could prepaire for the final. The finalist teams of the Seedstar Battle presented their ideas in front of the international jury of business development and investment professionals. The winner team is Route4U (route planner application for wheelchair users) won a full scope mentoring programme and KoWerk Office usage and they also represented Hungary at the regional “Houston we have a Startup competition” in Prague in May.

With these expansions and initiatives we intend to raise the concept of the ‘DBH Business Model’ to an international level.

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