Exact Globe Next

Business processes should be streamlined and automated. Exact Globe Next is the most powerful and cost-efficient ERP software for international businesses with global and local solutions hand-in-hand.

Exact Globe Next is an internationally widespread and renowned ERP solution, available in 40 countries worldwide, helping thousands of businesses. This powerful and innovative ERP software structures your business processes on a single platform, consolidating information flows for greater efficiency.

Exact Globe Next gives you real-time insight into your business performance, allowing you to make reliable estimates for the future. Everyone in your company works with same up-to-date information, creating the overview you need.

Exact Globe Next links and stores all information from your administrative processes on a single, central platform. You benefit from the convenience of consulting one accurate source of data for processes such as stock control, sales, marketing and finance.

Benefits of acquiring Exact Globe software through DBH IT Services
DBH IT Services is the official reseller and support partner of Exact Software in Hungary, Romania and Croatia. DBH IT Services strives to offer efficient enterprise management support for small and medium-sized companies via the solutions of Exact. Our seasoned professional team of system integrators, developers, consultants and support personnel provides tailor-made consultancy and training services, which not only increase operational safety and efficiency but also facilitate the high-level use of the relevant software solutions.

We are always here and happy to help! Should you have any questions or comments about our services and solutions, please contact us!

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