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DBH was founded in 1994 by Hungarian and Dutch local governments and development agencies in Maastricht. It was the first Hungarian company of regional interest that worked in the field of economic and business development and was established to operate outside Hungarian borders. The organization called Development Bridge Head (DBH) supported the Hungarian investments of Dutch firms with guidance and services. The DBH Group’s headquarter was established in Budapest in 2005 thus strengthening its advisory and investment activity in Central and Eastern Europe.

In 2008 based on its experience gained in the European financial and investment markets, DBH Group formed its own venture capital fund and established the DBH Investment Venture Capital Fund Management Public Limited Company (Plc.). DBH Investment Venture Capital Fund Management Plc. successfully took part in the competition of the New Hungary Venture Capital Program (JEREMIE program) tendered by the European Commission and as a result, its fund grew to 5 billion HUF (approx. EUR 17mn) in 2009.

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In 2010 DBH Investment Venture Capital Fund Management Inc. invested 1050 million HUF into three technology intensive small and medium size enterprises. The capital fund invested 340 million HUF into  Nanoform Hungary, 365 million HUF into Proinvest Hungary (now PMP Technology), which  specialises in medical device development and manufacturing and 345 million HUF into C-TECH Management Ltd. (now Cason Group), which specialises in the manufacturing of industrial automation equipments.

In 2011 DBH Investment invested 651 million HUF into the Eger-based Central Europe On-Demand Inc (now Neostratus) which specialises in cloud services. DBH Investment has signed an agreement to invest 200 million HUF in health service provider Indiso International and 80 million HUF in health service provider HandInScan in 2012. In 2013 DBH Investment invested 150 million HUF into Szeged-based Virtual Call Center Solutions that specialises in virtual call center service. In 2014 it has invested 360 million HUF into health industry tech developer company Norma Investments.


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