DBH Group opens to Azerbaijan

DBH Group opens to Azerbaijan

CEO of DBH Group Sandor Erdei recently visited the capital of Azerbaijan accompanied by senior leaders of the group, where he continued talks about the Hungarian participation in establishment and operation of a science and technology park to be built near Baku.

The delegation of DBH was received by Minister of Communications and High Technologies Ali Abbasov and public and private investment fund managers as well.

– We see strong opportunities in the development of business services in the market of Azerbaijan and its surrounding region that is growing at much higher pace than average of Europe and is very strong and capable of capital. We are confident that DBH Group can contribute to bringing more Hungarian businesses to the region whose products and services represent high added value and could be worthy competitors of other international companies also ready to appear in the Caucasus and Central Asia – said Sándor Erdei, PhD, CEO of DBH Group.

– DBH Group – as part of its international portfolio – offers advisory and service background in Azerbaijan too for all those Hungarian companies that would export to the former states of Soviet Union or any Russian or Turkic speaking countries in the Caucasus and Central Asia or that seek for strategic partners in the region.

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